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Banner Project

Banners at Library , Port Kells Hall, Port Kells School, and at the Port Kells Park. All supplied by the Port Kells Community Assn. The unique designs on the banners at the park were done by the Port Kells Elementary School students under the supervision of the Late Wally Sandvoss.

Bench Donation Project

If you are interested in our bench project please contact Darlene at 604-882-1235 and leave a message. Existing benches are located at the Library, Community Hall, Fire Hall and at Port Kells Park.

Heritage Wayside Markers Signage Project

On the north wall of the Community Hall there is samples of the wayside heritage signs and a map to take along on your journey through the neighbourhood to all the locations of the wayside signs.

Seniors Room Upgrade

PKCA paid for all the new cabinets and tops for the seniors room, plus we have upgraded the tables and chairs.

Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Nov. 11 th starting at 10:30 am ,the cenetaph is locatedĀ on the east side of the community hall.

This Year’s Wish List

Tree planting with the city along the pathway in the park -done

40 new chairs for the hall –done

Bench at the hall in memory of Wally Sandvoss – part of landscape upgrade–coming

Statue of Fireman at the Port Kells Community Hall -done